I’m Verity and I specialize in showing Frequent Flyers and Cabin Crew how to renew energy, reset weight and restore life balance.

I’m Verity and I work with people who frequently travel, current & former cabin crew, and other busy professionals who struggle with fatigue, stress and gut issues. I help by guiding you on how to regain energy, create better gut health and develop a better life balance. As your Health Coach, we will explore concerns specific to you and discover what changes are needed for a lifetime of greater health and well-being.

Working with a Health Coach is a new concept for many, however, more than ever people are realizing how important it is to be healthy. Throughout our lifetime, we may visit different healthcare providers for varying problems. However, many only have limited time with their patients. Working alongside other healthcare providers, I can offer valuable ongoing support in creating positive lifestyle change. Therefore, Health Coaching can be an important and integral part of your healthcare journey.

As a former Flight Attendant for over 15 years, I completely understand how travel can impact your health. During my early flying career, I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. This made me take a step back and seriously look at my health, by learning what I needed to do to manage my health issues while also having a busy lifestyle. Because of this interest and passion with leading a healthy lifestyle, I decided to train as a Certified Health Coach and now work with other frequent flyers to support them with their healthy lifestyle goals. You can read more about my story HERE.

Through my personalized coaching program, I support you with weekly guidance and accountability to achieve your individual health & wellness goals. I provide all the necessary knowledge, skills/tools, and confidence for you to implement simple lifestyle changes. These small changes build up over time, creating a positive life changing result to your health and wellbeing. I am there for you, every step of the way.

If you would like to hear more about my personalized 1:1 online Coaching Program and if Health Coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free Discovery Call with me. During this 30-minute session, we will discuss your current health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

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Verity x

Online Health Coach Verity Hatfield